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Remitico suits to everyone.

No matter how big you are, we surely have a solution for you. 


Work for yourself? Love what you do? We are here and proud! Receive your money without any bureaucratic questions

Small & Medium Businesses

Financial issues are growing with your business? Leave it on us and dedicate your time to serious matters


Just got a courage to start your business? Let us make it easier  and save your time. Build your company without any financial challenges 

Large Enterprises

Our services are fully ready for corporate usage of huge companies and enterprises. Contact us now for faster onboarding

Even if you are not part of those groups, we still might have a convenient option for you. Please contact us for assistance.

What is available for companies?

Worldwide money remittance

Nowadays transferring money abroad might be challenge that we are willing to solve for you. While other services charge excessive number of fees, we prioritize the comfort of our clients. Pay to employees, suppliers, partners. Receive payments from clients and PSPs. And all of those are in one button click.

Multicurrency accounts​

Our clients have an opportunity to easily add various currencies to their accounts. Need to pay in yen and receive rupee? We accepted this challenge and found a solution for you. Exchange with the lowest rates that are fully available to track and enjoy are free online converter

Bulk payments​

Time to pay salary? Multiple suppliers? With our convenient platform, you can bulk as many payments as you want. No more forgotten or late payments, no monotonic work for hours. Set it up in the most convenient way specifically for you.

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