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General information.

We do not provide services for following countries:

Iran (IR), South Sudan (SS), Democratic Republic of the Congo (CD), Liberia (LR), Myanmar (MM), Nigeria (NG), Côte d´Ivoire (CI), Rwanda (RW), North Korea (KP), Somalia (SO), Sudan (SD), Syria (SY), Zimbabwe (ZW)

We cannot guarantee successful processing of transactions in following countries:

Afghanistan (AF), Angola (AO), Armenia (AM), Azerbaijan (AZ), Belorussia (BY), Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA), Burundi (BI), Egypt (EG), Eritrea (ER), Guinea (GN), Guinea-Bissau (GW), Haiti (HT), Iceland (IS), Irák (IQ), Yemen (YE), Cuba (CU), Lebanon (LB), Libya (LY), Russian Federation (RU), Sierra Leone (SL), Central African Republic (CF), Tunisia (TN), Ukraine (UA)

Česká národní banka, Na Příkopě 28, 115 03  Praha

Corporate accounts.

For companies opening their corporate account with us, the following documentation would be required while account verification: 

  1. Certificate of Incorporation 
  2. Articles of Incorporation 
  3. Certificate of Registered Address
  4. Proof of Operating Address (Utility bill / Lease agreement)
  5. Proof of ID & Utility bill (or Bank statement) for each director, shareholder and authorized signatory 
  6. Corporate structure chart

Please note that after submitting basic documents our Onboarding Team might require additional ones to be provided depending on your company sector and corporate structure.

Currently you can top up your account / send money only via bank transfer. We will add more options very soon and notify our clients. 

For full list of applied fees please contact us via email or simply create a ticket in your account.

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