A few words about us .

In the world where the variety of online financial services can drive even an experienced user crazy, we are Remitico and our goal is to make a difference. We found a way to simplify the complicity of banking system to make all of our clients feel safe and truly enjoy advanced technologies. We offer a high range of financial solutions for managing funds and worldwide payments. 

There are always many details on the way to your perfect financial service. Minor things that might not be even noticed by another users, but mean a world to you. We truly believe that our strength is in our clients. While other services see just a market, we look into this matter deeper with personal approach. As on one hand professionals in financial sector, and users on another,  we fully understand the needs that our goal is to satisfy. 

Our mission.

Our mission is to earn people`s trust in the most professional matter possible by providing high range selection of first class payment solutions.

Our vision.

Our vision is to create the most convenient financial service for any type of client with secure and friendly environment. Our ambition is to be leaders in financial market and diversify our services more​.

Our values

Professional excellence and commitment

We work to provide superior services and to become leaders in financial industry

Employee focus and teamwork

We value and pride each member of our team with trust in successful future

Integrity and friendliness

We  support an idea of full integrity in business applying it to all of our methods and actions

Accomplishment and growth

We believe that the only way to achieve our goals starts with contributions and passion driven people

Corporate structure.

Remitico is committed to comfort its employees with warm working atmosphere and acknowledging how valuable they are. Our team members are enthusiastic individuals with years of experience in providing payment solutions. Our various departments, from IT to Customer support, are prepared and excited to face any challenges of financial industry to succeed and to meet the highest service standards.

We work hard to become better, even more professional and to remain focused on our goals in order to fully understand our clients` needs. Remitico team is dedicated, motivated and always here for you. 

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