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Remitico is about advanced services.

With years of experience we created an easy and fair priced way to transfer money. Remitico exists to solve over any financial challenge. 

Our particularly implemented superior security leads to the future of digital banking. We have compared trending services and created the one that truly makes a difference, the platform specifically designed to provide an exceptional payments experience all within a single page.


Depending on transfer type you choose, the funds are being received within 1-2 days no matter the country.

Fairly priced

While other financial service providers surprise you with the charges you didn`t know that exist, we chose the way of fully disclosed pricing.


With our new custom technology and additional security protocols, your funds just cannot be safer anywhere else.

A trusted partner for your business.

We are a global payments solutions provider founded by the team of professionals with years of combined experience in banking. Our goal is to simplify financial side of our clients` businesses that will allow them instead to focus on their corporate development. 

We are driven to introduce better payments system to the market and support our clients with the highest professionalism.

Corporate Accounts.

We provide company accounts that do not stress, but help to monitor your corporate funds in the most versatile way. 

Open your account now and start transferring money.

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Register online with basic company information. Our system allows to complete the onboarding online and create multiple account users if needed.

Get approved

Give us a moment to go over provided information and approve your account. It takes up to 2 business days depending on the case. We will notify you if any of your documents are missing or need to be changed.

Upload documents

Complete our corporate application that will allow us to get to know your business better and speed up your account opening.

Add funds

As soon as your account gets approved, you can add funds into your account by using bank wire. European transfers arrive same or next day. International transfers usually take up to 3 days

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SEPA & SWIFT – Available internationally in multiple currencies